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To reinforce insurance as a trusted profession in the eyes of the public.
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A ‘sandbox’ for the many facets that comprise our profession. An institute that encompasses practitioners at board, management, technical, governance, finance, distribution and related strata.
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“Without insurance, our businesses and consequently economies would not function. Let's not underestimate the importance of insurance, and the fact that by joining the industry you will be contributing to a very important part of local and indeed the global economy.”

Suzanne Chambers, Managing Director, Osprey Insurance Brokers

“What attracted me to insurance was that it provides peace of mind during uncertainty. It also offers a lot of career opportunities to grow and develop professionally in a stable and growing industry.”

Victoria Chisomo Mazinga, MBA Student, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Malawi

"People need protection from the risks that they face every day. Insurance is about managing those risks and serving society by providing that "peace of mind" knowing that they are covered."

Gloria Kasuzweni, Insurance Underwriter | Commercial Lines Team Leader, Dubai

"The connection between insurers, brokers and clients’ needs is key to develop solutions. Translating the language of all stakeholders to a common understanding is of critical importance! I see my role as a mediator and moderator between all stakeholders ultimately achieving better results for all concerned.”

Kurt-Jochen Hausmann, Head of Insurance & Risk Management, Schur Flexibles Group, Austria

“What first attracted me to insurance was the fact that I worked office hours and I wore a suit. But, having been through so many experiences and having met so many people through insurance, today I look at everyday as a day of learning day. Never a dull moment!”

Warren Kiomall, Insurance Finance Manager, HSBC Life plc, Malta

“I am still attracted by the old question of how best to use insurance contracts to ensure that clients can continue to exist after a loss that threatens their existence. This is the moment of truth when the quality of the work proves itself.“

Tobias Noack, Member of the Operational Board | Complex Deal Ambassador, Aon, Germany

“In an uncertain world, risk management is key for both organizations and individuals. It is rewarding to work in an industry which despite its long history, is continuously developing risk mitigation and transfer solutions to clients, within a dynamic environment.”

Konrad Farrugia, Actuary, Marsh, London

“What attracts me to insurance is versatility and opportunity."

Joanne Coldman, Chief Finance Officer, Stellantis, Malta

“What attracts me to the industry is the global breadth of exposure and experience that insurance provides me as a matter of course.”

Derek Bridgeman, Managing Director, SRS Europe, Ireland

“While in the sector getting to know how viable the industry is to society to both individuals/corporate bodies and how lucrative the insurance business is to employers and employees I decided to invest my money and time to learn more becoming an expert and gain more finance.”

Newton Beseng MBA LLB, InsurTech founder, Cameroon




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