What have we been up to!

April 30, 2021

VO Enrolment

After enrolling on the Register of Beneficial Owners at the MBR, the MII Council submitted its application to the Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations. The application is currently being vetted and we hop to be able to report positively on this shortly.


The website has been the main focus of our development as we approach enrolment /official launch date prior to starting interacting with the market as MII.

The website has now been launched but certain elements, such as the Members' Login, Resources, VO information etc. remain a "work-ion-progress" until we receive the official VO registration certificate and until we start enrolling the first members.

The "centre piece" of our website is the "Why Insurance" section where we include faces to names and give life to the various opportunities that our profession as to offer to young and not so young talent. We encourage other professionals to provide us with their details so that we keep the section 'alive' where talent comes to explore opportunity.


We are currently in discussion with a number of like-minded institutions to collaborate with them. The objective is to broaden the continued professional learning opportunities for our members.

If there is any organization or professional practice that wishes to collaborate more closely with MII and we have not yet approached you, please feel free to get in touch (engage@mii.mt)

Strategic Projects

There are currently two strategic projects which we are working on. Further news on these will be provided when we gain more traction in the direction we would wish to steer them.




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