David Brooks (B.Sc.) (CIP), Country Manager, Global Leader in Niche Credit Insurance, Malta

“Hi, I am David Brooks and I have been working in the Insurance Industry since 1988.”

“Over the years I have held many different roles, in different countries and in varying areas of the insurance business. I started my career in London working as a large loss claims broker, where I had to visit Lloyds of London every day to sit with underwriters and discuss new and outstanding insurance claims with them. I also worked as a casualty underwriter in London and Dublin.”

I’m settled in Malta now for nearly 7 years and I am currently an insurance manager for a well-established UK company who have become the world-wide market leader in providing financial failure products to the travel industry.

“The business offers a wide variety of opportunities for new incumbents, you can genuinely help and protect people, by advising them on the correct financial products that will protect their home or business, or health, etc. As the world changes the industry changes with it, and there are always new and exciting products coming into the market to help protect the customers, and your learning potential is exponential. Because it is a people’s business, along the way I have met and become friends with some highly intelligent and interesting people from all over the world.”




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