Newton Beseng MBA LLB, InsurTech founder, Cameroon

Hi, I'm Newton Bezeng and have been active in the industry since 2012. I have a Diploma in Insurance from The Ghana Insurance College, Certificate in Takaful from the Islamic Institute of Banking and Insurance. I am a Member of the Chartered Insurance Institute UK (CII), and Chartered Insurance Institute of Ghana (CIIG) and an MBA and LLB-holder.”

My area of interest in the industry is Insurtech and the I am the founder of BeNew Insurance Agency, in Douala Cameroon, Africa.

Getting into the job market I was curious to learn more about insurance by engaging in the sector.

While in the sector getting to know how viable the industry is to society to both individuals/corporate bodies and how lucrative the insurance business is to employers and employees I decided to invest my money and time to learn more becoming an expert and gain more finance. 




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