Suzanne Chambers, Managing Director, Osprey Insurance Brokers

My name is Suzanne Chambers and I have been working in the insurance industry since 1991.

I currently hold the position of Managing Director of Osprey Insurance Brokers, specialising in Aviation Insurance.

I was primarily attracted to the insurance industry because of the opportunity to gain work experience and achieve my goal of pursing my education where I eventually completed  both an ACII and a Bachelors Degree in Financial Services whilst pursuing my passion for Aviation and travel.

When we think about insurance we usually associate it with personal risks, but through my career I have learned the global reach of insurance which secured not only our personal assets but also enables businesses to maintain operations by protecting against the financial impact of sudden and unforeseen losses thus in tune assisting economic growth through financial stability.

“Without insurance, our businesses and consequently economies would not function. Let's not underestimate the importance of insurance, and the fact that by joining the industry you will be contributing to a very important part of local and indeed the global economy.”




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