Why Insurance?

Behind every job title and behind every role there is a name, There is a face. This is a selection of real people from across the globe, some young and some not so young; people who offered to share their perspective as to what drew them to the industry or why keeps them looking forward to a day's work in insurance.

If you are considering entering the industry, please take some time to read through these. If you are already in the industry and wish to share your perspective on, "Why insurance?" we look forward to hearing form you. Please write to us on engage@mii.mt:

April 23, 2021
Mariam Gulbani, Compliance, Czech Republic

"What attracted me to insurance was that this industry isn’t immune to the pace of change or technology. The insurance industry allows you to creatively use your skills and technology to solve problems and deliver risk solutions. It’s everywhere, therefore it is almost inevitable that you’ll make a difference toward the common good and you will shape what insurance looks like for years to come.”

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April 23, 2021
Sean Agius, Executive Director, Malta

"The ever-changing customer expectations, insurance products, methods of distribution and financial services environment enabled me to continue evolving in this profession and expanding my learning into the branches of risk management and alternative risk transfer options.

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April 19, 2021
Angie Lia Abdilla, General Manager & MLRO, Malta

"As the world changes, risks change, people’s needs also change and so does the insurance response to these changes.” Continuous professional development is key

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