Tobias Noack, Member of the Operational Board | Complex Deal Ambassador, Aon, Germany

“In 1990, I was intrigued by a man from Salzburg who said in a round of talks that his biggest problem was to find the right customers out of the many people who wanted to become customers with him. I really wanted to know what his profession was. He was an insurance broker. And still is, now 80 years old.”

“My name is Tobias Noack, and I started as an insurance broker with an owner-driven broker in Stuttgart in 1991. The first customer that I acquired was a small town whose town hall had burnt down. Today I am a Complex Deal Ambassador at Aon Germany and get to strategically advise large clients from a wide range of industries on how best to configure their insurance cover. And I also help my colleagues help their clients.”

“I am still attracted by the old question of how best to use insurance contracts to ensure that clients can continue to exist after a loss that threatens their existence. This is the moment of truth when the quality of the work proves itself.“




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